Gas Works Park


That’s Gas Works Park in Seattle. My photo makes it look serene, but last night it was bursting at the seams (I assume) with celebrants after the Seahawks gutted the Broncos. Mood changes everything, even the way the world looks.


Ocean Parkway




You can walk or ride your bike the five miles from Prospect Park, Brooklyn to Coney Island on Ocean Parkway.

The parkway and park were both designed in the late 1880’s by Fredrick Law Olmsted, the architect who designed Central Park. Until the 1970’s the parkway included a bridal path. You could rent a horse at Prospect Park and ride the 19 miles to Coney and back. The walking path and bike path, the first one constructed in the US, are part of the original design.

Walking there today in late March it was desolate. Lined with trees of extreme nakedness now, the paths are near deserted. Still one respects the genius of joining the two most impressive recreation areas in the Brooklyn with a third recreation area five miles long.

Soon the walkways and bike paths will be full of walkers, cyclists, baby strollers and couples. Ocean Parkway was a very good idea.



Sunday Morning Bagels



Brooklyn at 8:30 in the morning is quiet. The light is as sweet as anywhere even as it falls on dirty streets. The papers – Times and Daily News as well as Chinese ones – are piled high waiting to be read. Bagels & Beyond has been opened for a while and the plump delicious bagels are ready and still warm.

The alley ways and gardens have their cats and statues of the Virgin Mary. A few commuters are on their way to jobs via the elevated subway. The sun is shining today even in the face of the Times’ forecast: Today, Chilly, snow changing to rain, high 45.

I wonder what else they got wrong.


The Cathedral of Commerce

In 2005 we visited New York to see the Gates installation in Central Park and to meet our daughter’s boy friend’s parents. Had lunch in Little Italy and then walked through China Town toward the village. I saw a fabulous photo opportunity and created an image that has been used commercially as book covers twice. I took it with a little Olympus P&S — but a good camera nevertheless. (The Woolworth Building is the ornate skyscraper in the background, AKA The Cathedral of Commerce). Today I went back to the folder to see what shots I had that I never processed or used in any way. Came up with the ones below. I’m pleased with what I was able to do in Lightroom. I used some presets with a little tweaking. What do you think?